Welcome to Nepal Snehi Kaakha

Nepal Caring Lap is established with the objective of taking loving care of pathetic human being including all classes of women, children and senior citizens born and grown. But due to various circumstances, people who are mentally disturbed being alone, guardian less and wandering in roads are taken care by providing food, shelter, warm clothes, medicines, education and entertainment. It will support all round development of these people so as to reenergize their human talent.

Nepal Caring Lap was registered in District Administration Office, Lalitpur at 2067/3/21 and affiliated with Social Welfare Council since 2060/3/24 with serial number 30208. This is non-profit and non-political social organization. From the very beginning, the organization is devoted to the protection of rights and welfare of children. Currently, it is providing protection and support to rehabilitate mentally ill people, who are helplessly wandering in the roads.